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You've worked hard to get here. If you're a practicing physician in private or academic medicine, you've built a practice and a reputation that you're proud of. If you're a medical officer transitioning from the military to private practice, you've worked hard in service of your country and want to make sure you avoid missteps as you move to a profit-focused environment. If you're finishing training and about to start your career as an attending, you've survived and excelled during medical school, residency, and maybe even a fellowship. You've left nothing to chance getting to where you are today. Your business arrangements should be no exception, whether it’s an employment agreement, a practice buy-in, the purchase of a practice, or your group’s service agreement with a healthcare facility.

Just as your patients need you for expert care, you need an experienced advisor that can protect your interests. Agreements for physician business transactions aren’t like a standardized apartment lease or mobile phone contract; they’re not just a formality. They are highly negotiated documents that establish the terms of your practice. Entering into a business transaction or employment relationship without a grasp of the key terms and their implications isn’t a good idea. 

Being represented by an experienced lawyer isn't about being pushy or contentious. It's about being smart. It’s about having a set of legal eyes looking at things.  It’s about establishing a dialogue. It’s about asking questions and finding common ground. The other side uses an attorney for its contract, and you should, too. It’s the sensible thing to do. 

My approach.

Through working with physicians over the years and through friends and family (including my wife) who are physicians, I have a good sense of how contract terms influence physicians' day-to-day practices, lives, and compensation. I’m not here to fix grammar and other inconsequential errors in the deal documents with no real insight into what the terms mean for your practice; I’m here to make sure you don’t get stuck reading films off-hours as a radiologist or doing q2 call as an OB without your consent and extra pay. I’m focused on the things that matter to you.

The Terms of your AGREEMENT are just as important as your compensation (and often determine it). Don't leave them to chance.    

Based in California, I represent physicians and physician groups throughout the United States. My practice focuses exclusively on representing physicians and physician groups in business transactions. Whether you’re an orthopedic surgeon moving to productivity or a radiology group renegotiating your contract with a hospital, I’m dedicated to making your practice work for you.

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Download MY complimentary Guide to Physician Employment Contracts.

This guide was developed as resource “toolkit,” providing information and checklists to assist physicians in evaluating and negotiating employment offers. I hope you find it helpful.