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We are VERY HIGHLY impressed with you…. I am so glad we hired you.
— Family Practice Physician, Tennessee

Hiring you was the best strategic decision I made for deciding to buy a practice.
— Podiatrist, California

Scott is an incredible physician advocate and resource. He really understands the needs and vulnerabilities of physicians in today’s marketplace and, as someone who is married to a physician, he can truly empathize with us. While having a keen legal mind, Scott is also able to navigate negotiations tactfully, in a way that keeps your goodwill intact. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
— Orthopedic Surgeon, California

I used [Scott’s] services to analyze a complicated and fairly convoluted contract I was under in order to give me the freedom to move in a different direction in my career. Under his calm, competent, and caring guidance I was able to understand what options I had as he patiently explained (more than a few times!) to me about what this complicated legal contract said (not a small feat!). Overall, I would highly recommend Scott Weavil for his astute skill in analyzing contracts and explaining them in non-legal terms even for the non-legal types out there, like me. He is simply the best.
Thanks, Scott!
— Psychiatrist, California

Scott was very knowledgeable and provided great insight and advice for someone negotiating their first contract. He also helped me negotiate a $50,000 signing bonus.
— Interventional Radiologist, Pennsylvania

As is the case with most non-lawyers, the thought of hiring a lawyer can be quite intimidating. For starters, we are concerned about cost, hidden fees and not receiving the best service for our money. None of these were concerns after I hired Scott. He was very clear and descriptive in what he could offer and delivered exceptional service.

He was very prompt, thorough and totally engaged from beginning to end. His knowledge of the industry was clearly apparent from the onset. And the flat rate fee was a huge plus!

Without any reservation, I would highly recommend Scott to any of my physician colleagues who are in need of a health care attorney.
— Family Medicine Physician, Florida

Thank you for all you’ve done. I was lost without you. Thanks again for all your help!!
— Anesthesiologist, California

[Scott] reassured on items in the contract that we found concerning, and pointed out several instances of items that put too much risk on me. In the end, Scott really helped me get >90% of the changes I needed in the contract. So very pleased I worked with him!
— Family Practice Physician, Tennessee

Scott has a wealth of experience managing physician contracts and his advisement was thorough and accurate. The communication every step of the way was prompt, timely and clear. I wholeheartedly would go through Scott again for any physician contract matter.
— Family Practice Physician, Wisconsin

The process of signing a contract is overwhelming, but Scott made it manageable. He was accessible, friendly, knowledgeable, and we genuinely trusted his judgment. He replied to my many emails and calls and was always happy to help. His insight was priceless and much appreciated. Above all, he answered our questions fully and made sure we truly understood the language of the contract. He was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to any medical professional considering signing a new contract.
— Urologist, New York

I had someone in my corner that was looking out for my best interests.
— OB/GYN, California

I appreciate how much time you took to help me understand the contract and become comfortable with the wording. I was able to feel confident during the negotiation and I am glad I understand everything in the contract that I signed.
— Pediatrician, Virginia

Thank you so much Scott! You are obviously very skilled and thorough. I recommended your services to my residency class!
— Neuroradiologist, Pennsylvania

I was really glad to have you go through everything with a fine-toothed comb and help me understand the contracts much better. It was great to work with you!
— OB/GYN, Florida

You’re a godsend. Thank you so much!
— Dermatologist, Florida

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